It’s winter time in Michigan, which means that there’s plenty of snow around. Since snow is a regular occurrence here, it can be difficult to come up with new and exciting ideas of what to do with all. that. snow. Read on for our list of 20 fun activities to do in the Michigan snow!

10 Fun Activities to Do in the Michigan Snow

1. Snowman. Building a snowman is a classic winter activity and can be as simple as three big balls of snow placed on top of each other with some accessories for its eyes, mouth, nose, etc. Dress it up uniquely for added fun!

2. Get Creative. You can sculpt anything your heart desires with great snow! See if you can build a snow fort, a snow family, snakes, dragons, and more!

3. Spray Paint the Snow. Let your kids think you are the most fun parents on the block by letting them “spray paint” the snow. Take a spray bottle and fill it with water and food coloring and let them decorate the lawn!

4. Examine the Snowflakes. Take a dark piece of paper (black is best) and place it in the freezer for 20 or so minutes. After freezing, take the paper outside in the snow and catch snowflakes on it! You and your kids can then examine the snowflakes and see how unique they are!

5. Snow Cones. Take a chilled glass and fill it up with clean snow, then top it with your favorite flavoring. If you don’t have flavoring on hand, you can make your own with Kool-aid!

6. Build Your Own Kingdom. You can easily build your own snow castle using molds you find around the house – storage bins, pots and pans, buckets, mixing bowls – they all make great snow molds for the perfect kingdom!

7. Snow Candy. Did you know that you can make your own candy in the snow? The first step is to find a big patch of snow and flatten it down so it is packed tightly. Boil a cup of molasses or real maple syrup for 20 minutes, then pour it on the tightly packed snow. The snow will harden the substance and turn it into a candy!

8. Igloos. Take the opportunity to research the Eskimos and their culture, and then build an igloo! Here’s a great plan for one.

9. Snow Angels. Snow angels are a classic tradition for any snow. Throw your body into the snow with wild abandonment and make a beautiful snow angel!

10. Milkshakes. Did you know that you can make a milkshake out of snow? Grab clean snow and whipped cream. Stir together until the mixture is fluffy and then top with whatever your heart desires!

Are you sick of playing in the snow? Check out these indoor activities for a snowy day!

10 Indoor Activities To Do On A Snowy Day

1. Have a dance party. Music helps pass the time and burn off some energy for everyone who may have a serious case of cabin fever. Get the kids to work together and create a dance routine and put on a show, or have a dance contest and crown a winner!

2. Paint a picture. Try your hand at painting the snow scene! Or try using marbles and a cardboard box to create a masterpiece!

3. Form a pots and pans band. Bust out the pots and pans and form a band. See what songs you can create and put on a show!

4. Read. This is such a simple idea. Grab a book off the bookshelf, cozy up by the fire, and get lost in a great book.

5. Have a scavenger hunt. Create a set of clues to help your child find their snack, favorite toy, etc.

6. Play with shaving cream. Spray shaving cream onto a baking pan and let the kids have at it. They can practice writing their letters, shapes, and more.

7. Bake. Find a great paleo recipe and get the kids in the kitchen with you to make a delicious snow day treat. Don’t feel like baking? Teach the kids to help make dinner!

8. Indoor bowling. Set up plastic cups like bowling pins and have a bowling tournament.

9. Put on a play. Let those creative juices flow and let your kids come up with a script to perform. For extra time, let them draw what their costumes would look like if they were performing in a theater!

10. Create a winter wonderland. Create a winter wonderland with this free template and a cardboard box!