Chiropractors who provide care for children and families can go on and on about the many benefits of a healthy spine every family member, infants and children included. Unfortunately, chiropractic care for children is susceptible to many misconceptions and myths that we’d like to set straight today!

A chiropractor treating a new born baby

Myth 1: Chiropractic care for children is new.

As far back as 1910, the founder of chiropractic, D.D. Palmer, discussed how important it is to check a child’s spine from birth and throughout life in order to make sure it is free of subluxations. By the 1980s, many DCs developed their practices to treat adults specifically, but in 1986 Dr. Larry Webster helped re-establish chiropractic care for kids as an important area of focus. He founded the ICPA to help educate chiropractors on how to best treat children.

Myth 2: Children don’t need chiropractic care. 

Research shows a solid link between the central nervous system and various childhood afflictions. Whether it’s colic, chronic ear infections, struggling with breastfeeding, ADHD, headaches, or anything in between, chiropractic can help treat it. When the nervous system is functioning as it should, the body functions as it should!

Myth 3: Chiropractors use the same techniques on children as adults. 

DCs who treat children do not apply heavy pressure. Instead, it’s all about moving the child into a position of ease, holding the position, and helping things gently reset on their own.

Myth 4: Chiropractors don’t collaborate with pediatricians and other medical doctors.

This just simply isn’t true. A great chiropractor looks at the body’s wellness overall, and will happily work and collaborate with any doctor’s necessary to help their patient reach their optimum health should the client need more intervention than they can offer!

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