Success Stories


“I cannot say enough good about this office. From the knowledgeable staff, who is so friendly and helpful, to Dr. Chris who is all about his patients!! I have never felt so comfortable and I’ve already had fantastic results!! I came in with severe sciatica pain and I am amazed at how well I feel now. I would recommend this office to anyone who wants relief and whose office is about you not the almighty dollar. Worth every cent out of my pocket.”

-Kathy N.


“We love coming in! Doctor Chris is amazing and knows our bodies so well and exactly how to adjust us. He’s also become a great friend we look forward to seeing and sharing and getting health advice from each visit . Bree is also amazing and we always look forward to chatting with her as well. We will never go anywhere else!!! We love you guys!!! Thanks for all you do!!!!”

-Dan H.


“I appreciate the individualized care and thoughtful manner Dr. Chris provides to myself and husband. No cookie cutter adjustments at this office! The office staff are extremely helpful , rescheduling is easy and great text reminders As a busy person, I love and need the flexibility.”

-Marian K.


“I attended a wedding this past weekend in the Howell area. The groom (my nephew) made a big yawn the morning after his bachelor party and it ended with lockjaw, wide open in this case. As the family was scrambling to help solve his challenge I looked up a friend and called him looking for help. Turns out my friend, is the brother-in-law to the best chiropractor in Howell. Within 5 minutes I had Dr. Hohn’s number and within 20 minutes Dr. Hohn stopped his Saturday to help my nephew. Within 45 minutes of learning about the challenge my nephew could say “I do”. To put a bow on it, Dr. Hohn refused payment and told him it was his wedding gift to him. Dr. Hohn, you will receive referrals from my family. Thank You to a classy individual!”

-Mike J.


“My young son was in so much pain and sadness following a head/neck trauma, we visited Dr Chris for the first time. Dr Chris was so caring and patient with my son. After the adjustment my son walked out smiling and feeling much better. We are very grateful for the experience at Pure Health Clinic and look forward to our next visit.”

-Colette C.


“We just started going to Dr. Chris at Pure Health Clinic, I have seen other Chiros in the past and they would just adjust me and send me on my way, Dr. Chris is creating a true wellness and maintenance program for me and my Fiancé to do PT at home to strengthen what’s weak and keep us in great health and no pain. I am truly impressed after only 2 visits, my fiancé isn’t a fan of hands on adjustments and said today he feels totally comfortable with Dr. Chris and trusts him to do them. I am excited for our continued healing with him. He and his staff are also personable real people and we already feel like he’s a friend we trust and are excited to see and get great healing and advice from!!! If your looking for a real Chiropractor who looks at the whole picture don’t hesitate to make an appointment! Your Soul will thank you!”

-Stevie L.


“Fantastic experience. Staff is friendly and helpful. Dr. Chris Hohn is awesome. He’s very knowledgeable and professional. After a brief evaluation and some X-rays, my adjustment was underway. A short while later I was done and my hip felt better and I could turn my head to the left with out pain. I look forward to my future visits and getting my body back to moving properly and pain free. Anyone with an active lifestyle that’s a little rough on the body should stop into Pure. Keeping your body will keep you enjoying that active lifestyle. I’m 46 with 20yrs in the military as a grunt, if Chris can keep me going, he can keep anyone going. I highly recommend Pure Health Clinic to anyone who wants to stay active and pain free.”



“I feel so much better, Dr. Chris was so amazing!! They got me in the morning I called!! I feel Like my pain in my hip is going to recover with his treatment. He explained it so I could understand it and has a plan in place for me. Highly recommend!!!!”

-Jessica A.


“It’s a rare occasion when you find a business that meets all of your check marks. Today I was able to experience this at Pure Health Clinic. The office was beautiful, clean and welcoming. The girls are professional, efficient and they make you feel right at home. Dr. Chris is brilliant, a master in the industry and you feel like you are his only patient. He is present and treats the patient, not the symptom. The care I received today was beyond my expectations. The results are the best I have ever known. My spine and I have finally found a new home. A very big thank you to everyone a Pure Health Clinic. You have made a wonderful difference in my life.”

-Alisa D.


“Dr. Chris and all the staff are just the best there is in the world of Chiropractic Medicine. Having been to another chiropractor, he doesn’t compare to how well I feel after being a patient at Pure for over a year. I am on a maintenance program now which I need after being treated for severe neck and back pain by Dr. Chris. I want to be sure I keep my good health that Dr. Chris has given back to me. The facility at Pure is very clean, well decorated, and up to date with the newest equipment. It is just a pleasure to walk in to the office. The office staff is so, so friendly and courteous. They accommodate patients first and foremost. Everyone at Pure makes me feel like I am family! Kudos to all of you for making my visits such a pleasure!”

-Cindy R.


“Dr. Chris and his team are the best there is! I came in with neck pain and Dr. Chris was able to get me back to normal in no time. The team here is incredibly welcoming and the office itself is beautiful. I’m so happy I made the choice to visit Pure Health Clinic!”

-Jessica P.


“Had appointment with Dr. Chris today, he was right on time. Front desk ladies were very polite. Dr. Chris was thorough at explaining what he was going to do. Made you feel comfortable and afterwards I felt amazing. I could walk better and in and out of my car felt like a new person after one visit. Can’t wait for the next visit. I highly recommend Dr. Chris you won’t regret it!!”

-Judy B.


“My first visit with this office was stress free. Dr. Chris and his staff do everything they can to put you at ease. Dr. Chris greets me in the waiting room at every visit! What a nice welcoming office! All of my concerns were heard, and Dr. Chris made sure I was comfortable with every aspect of my care. Thank you for giving me hope of a painless future!”

-Karen E.


“If you’re looking to improve your overall wellness in a more natural way look no further, these individuals know what they’re doing. Wonderful people and their establishment is a great place to attend from the building history to the aesthetics & cleanliness, once I walked in I felt right at home. Bri at the front desk is more than kind and always has a beautiful smile right when you walk into the door. Dr. Chris is always informative and gets the job done right. There are no long waits as you’re usually right in and back out! Give them a chance, you will not leave disappointed. Thanks so much guys.”

-Felicia H.


“Mad skills and awesome staff! Dr. Chris provides individualized, comprehensive, and compassionate care in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. My family and I not only have complete confidence in him, we also enjoy the music, laughter and eclectic conversation. Office staff is extremely efficient, accommodating and friendly. I always leave there feeling better, physically and mentally.”

-Debbie L.


“I drive out of my way past several other Chiros to get treatment at Pure Health Clinic. It’s everything you want: friendly staff, nice atmosphere, professional , but most importantly to me….. personalized. The team never seems rushed to get past me and onto the next patient. A+.”

-Jason S.


“I absolutely love Pure Health Clinic! The staff is always friendly and helpful and Dr. Chris has worked wonders on neck and back pain. Pure Health Clinic is 100% dedicated to not only correcting and reversing current issues but to preventing them from returning. The exercises and stretches that have been recommended to me for my specific issues have been a life saver! I cannot recommend Pure Health Clinic enough!”

-Laura R.


“I decided to seek treatment with Dr. Chris because of neck pain, stiffness, and limited range of motion. Dr. Chris was able to diagnose the cause of these problems, explain it to me, and successfully treat it. Its been about a year since I decided to first see him and I’m happy to say that my neck feels great and has full range of motion! I would highly recommend him. The staff is very nice and treat you like family.”

-Dave K.


“From the moment you walk in you can feel the warmth and welcoming environment. The front desk staff are polite and professional, Dr. Chris is extremely knowledgeable and is genuinely inclined to improve your overall health and the coffee is great! Dr. Chris not only offers on site adjustments, but also explains how the body is supposed to work and gives you the resources for strength and conditioning as well as healthier eating habits. I’ve been to many chiropractors that have not shown interest in my overall health the way the team at Pure Health Clinic does. I highly recommend Pure Health Clinic to anyone looking for more than “just another chiropractor”.”

-Zachary S.


“I went in to Pure Health Clinic desperate for help with neck pain and severe migraines that I had several times a month. Dr. Chis told me he could help me and that after a 3 month intensive treatment plan (adjustments twice a week and therapy exercises for me to do at home), I would feel significantly better. Not only do I feel significantly better, but I have more motion in my neck than I have had in a long time, and I’ve only had 1 migraine in 5 months! Dr. Chris is very easy to talk to, and the girls out front are always pleasant, helpful, and extremely accommodating.”

-Cindy P.


“Easy to get into at the last minute. Totally honest. He’s saved me in times when I couldn’t even walk without crying. Those times, I leave the office walking normally. It’s amazing. Also, when I was facing blood pressure medication, I tried going to see Dr. Chris first after I read a study that a particular neck adjustment can bring it down. My blood pressure returned to normal range after one adjustment. Now, he didn’t make the claim that he could return my blood pressure to normal range. I found that on the NIH website, but he’s the one who made it happen. Also, he fixed my son’s stubborn ear infection in one visit too. We even went to an MD the next day, because it was already scheduled. The MD said his ear infection was cleared, but he could see that it had been there earlier. Dr. Chris didn’t claim he could eliminate the ear infection or anything. He never makes claims unless he’s totally sure about something, but his results always far surpass any claim he makes. He’s a very talented, compassionate chiropractor.”

-Dawn P.


“They were able to get me in on the fly. As a new client it was great. They were very professional and very knowledgeable about what i needed. They explained everything that was needing help through X-rays and offering ways to help the situation. Can’t wait to go back.”

-Travis R.


“I have written this several times (and actually just now had it finished and I hit the wrong button and lost it). First because I have a 10 month old and I can’t finish a thought (haha) and secondly, I want to make sure I don’t leave anything out. Dr. Chris, Dr. Krystal and Mindy are just AMAZING! I have been to several Chiropractors over the years and “not one” of them has offered the care, education, concern, or personal attention as Pure Health Clinic. Their treatment does not just involve adjustments, they go above and beyond by educating you, treating you like family and wanting you to truly feel wonderful from the inside out, naturally. Dr. Chris has helped correct my neck and back problems in ways no one ever has. He is also TRULY amazing with my little one and has educated me on the importance of chiropractic care of her . She adores him! Dr. Krystal … MY SAVIOR … she has helped me from jumping off the deep end several times with her amazing guidance and support with being a new mom wanting to raise my little one organically and pure . Words truly cannot express my true gratitude for them. I would be lost without them. Honestly.

I could go on forever but my little one is into trouble and if I don’t post this now I may never get a chance. I just wanted others to know how amazing Pure Health Clinic is. It shows that they truly love what they do and truly want to help others improve their lives.”

-Christina M.


“Dr. Chris is absolutely wonderful. He took the time to sit down with me and explain exactly what was going on and how Chiropractic could help. He helped me with my lower back and hip issues. I went from being sick every month to one small cold in 2 years. I consider Dr. Chris my primary “Go-to Doc!” My entire family is now under Chiropractic care and we are healthier than ever. I highly recommend him to all my friends and family. Thank you for all your help!”

-Kati E.


“It has taken me over a year to write a review because nothing I could say could perfectly describe what the Pure Health Clinic family has done for me. My first meeting with Dr. Chris was in September of 2014. I had just “learned” to live with the pain I was having in my lower back. My quality of life was basically non-existent. I couldn’t pick up my (then) 4 year old, I couldn’t load and unload the dishwasher, I couldn’t even do a simple sit-up. I had been to chiropractors before but none who cared enough from the very beginning to treat me correctly. Dr. Chris had simple yet effective answers for me and like magic (or science, I prefer magic) I began to heal. This type of healing wasn’t just physical but emotional as well. There is much to be said about being “able bodied” and thanks to Pure Health Clinic, I can take pleasure in the little tasks that many take for granted and I am no longer afraid of injuring myself. I recommend this business to anyone looking to improve their quality of life. No amount of thanks could suffice for what Dr. Chris has done for me.”

-Shari S.


“Awesome sums it up! Started seeing Dr. Chris in August for neck discomfort. I was referred by a friend who had been seeing Dr. Chris, as well as her husband, with excellent outcomes. For me, I learned I had lost some neck curvature causing a lot of issues. After a few weeks my neck improved, as well as my lower back. Had a flare of pain while horseback riding. I believe the adjustments are helping any flares to be reduced in length and intensity. Had such great results, I referred my husband who had been dealing with back and neck pain for quite some time. He’s now feel relief as well. The staff is super friendly and accommodating. Dr. Hohn is really down to earth and takes time to really listen. I appreciate what they are doing for me and my husband. I’ve been to many chiropractors since I was 17 and Dr. Chris is one of the best with a holistic and humble approach.”

-Jill H.


“Dr. Chris is the best chiropractor! He is very attentive to your situation, incorporates new and innovative techniques along with the old, and took me from a non-functioning, twisted back sufferer, to a “sleeping like a baby now”, and so HAPPY to be active in the exercise craved community again. I cannot thank him enough!!! The staff in his office are just as great. They always greet you with a smile and handle appts and reschedules effectively. Also a great location. I highly recommend Pure Health Clinic!

-Kim M.


“Great chiropractor! Very intelligent and creative approach to chiropractic Care. They not only take x-rays but he takes time to review them before making your first adjustment. He also comes up with care plan that takes some commitment on the patient’s behave. But also gives you exercise and streches just like a physical therapist. Great front desk help, courtesy and friendly.”

-Shannon P.


“Pure Health Clinic has been my first experience with any chiropractic practice and it’s been a very positive one for me. I did not have any serious chronic malady or previous injury when I began under their care, however that doesn’t mean I did not see a noticeable improvement in my health over time. After one month of regular visits and working on my spinal alignment and flexibility at home I was able to manage work stress much easier (and quicker), my longevity and focus was way better and I stopped getting that sluggish feeling after a hard day. I literally breath easier and think more clearly as a direct result of the attention given to my spinal alignment at Pure Health Clinic. They also give very practical nutrition talks.”

-Ryan W.

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