Regular exercise is something that virtually everyone agrees has a positive effect on general health and fitness. Running is one of the most popular exercises in the world, given its ease and simplicity, combined with its tremendous physical benefits. Running regularly, even for short amounts of time, has been shown on many occasions to be a great boost to your health. But does it actually extend your life, and at what cost? Research shows that it actually can help you live longer! The amount a person will actually have to run depends upon their personal, physical condition and their existing level of fitness. However, virtually everyone is going to gain huge amounts of benefits from running. Read on for more information on the amazing benefits running can have on your health!


Ways Running May Help You Live Longer

Heart and Lung disease

Heart problems are the most common cause of early mortality in the world. The heart easily accumulates issues due to poor diet and a lack of exercise. When the heart runs into a serious problem, the result usually ends in very harmful consequences. Similarly, the lungs are a hugely complicated organ that can easily accumulate a huge variety of problems that very often end in fatality. Both of these organs are affected by the addition of running to a person’s daily regimen. Even a small amount of exercise is going to quickly improve the condition of the cardiovascular system, and help deal with some of the issues that may have built up. This is likely to help put off destructive heart and lung problems like a heart attack or a collapsed lung which can otherwise have fatal consequences.

Blood Pressure

Another of the main problems in the body which can be helped by the act of running is that of high blood pressure. Having a blood pressure way above the norm can increase the likelihood of a huge variety of medical problems related to organs and other bodily functions. The heart is one of the organs which will be the most affected, however the brain, liver, kidneys and digestive system all have serious problems that come as a consequence of high blood pressure. Running and reducing this value is one of the best benefits that you can have and one of the quickest ways that your life is going to be extended by running.

Helps Prevent Cancers

Cancer is another one of the largest killers of people all over the world given the huge variety of cancers that people can contract. The disease is able to effect almost any area within the body and there are few preventative measures that people are able to decrease their risk of cancer. Running however is one of these measures for many different types of cancer and can dramatically reduce the risk of developing certain variations of the disease. Most of the studies regarding this subject are very rudimentary and don’t constitute physical proof, however there is potential that: colon, lung and kidney cancers have reduced risk for people who run regularly.


Diabetes is a condition which affects millions and can seriously harm the body if not treated soon enough. Even then, sometimes it can also aggravate other conditions in the body that can cause a great deal of damage to the body and therefore potentially end in a fatal combination. Running helps the body to balance out its blood sugar levels which, if started early enough, can help to prevent the development of diabetes. Even once the condition has been developed, running can still help the body manage the blood sugar and therefore stop the condition progressing too rapidly and keep you as healthy as possible for far longer.

Helps Reduce Decline in Muscle Mass

As you age the muscles you have built up over the years begin to deteriorate due to the inefficiency of the cell regeneration in the body. This can cause a lot of health problems in the latter years of someone’s life and can therefore shorten the life expectancy if the muscles breakdown in important places which support your movement and your ability to keep active. Having the habit of running for a long time builds up more resistant and developed muscles in vital areas of the body. This will improve the cardiovascular muscles in the body as well as the exterior ones which will help support the body’s vital systems and help extend life.

Improves Happiness

Many studies have shown that those who are happier in life tend to live longer for a variety of potential reasons. An obvious one is the lower likelihood of suicide, another is to do with the brain’s ability to help the body function well if the person is happy. Running has been shown also to improve a person’s happiness and therefore allow the body to function more effectively as you age. Chemicals in the brain which are produced after even brief periods of exercise leave you feeling inflated for a long time afterwards and therefore if you maintain this habit will improve your mood for longer periods at a time and eventually bring about an extension to your life.

Staying Mobile (Bone Density)

Bones are similar to muscles in the way that the older you are the more you struggle to regenerate them and they can therefore leave you with problems as they begin to become frailer. Regular running will bring an increase in bone density even into old age and will therefore help to sidestep some of the problems that can accompany the weakening of bones and therefore hopefully extend the life of someone who would otherwise have a severe problem created by their lack of bone strength.

There are many clear ways in which running has the potential to hugely effect someone’s life in a positive way and hopefully extend their life by preventing certain, potentially fatal issues. This many not work the same for everyone and many of these problems will eventually come to effect even those who make regular running part of their weekly routine, but the benefits of running cannot be ignored.


Pure Health Clinic Can Help

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