The Holiday season is packed with parties, treats, obligations, and more. This time of year is often hectic, joyous, and stressful all at once. One of the hardest things about the holidays is trying to stay on track with healthy eating! With this in mind, Drs. Chris and Krystal Hohn and Pure Health Clinic in Howell, MI, have put together a Paleo Holiday Survival Guide. Read on for tips and tricks to sticking to the paleo plan this holiday season!

Paleo Holiday Survival Guide

1. Host the gathering at your place. 

While this may create a little more work for you, hosting gives you the control over the food available. We all know that there are plenty of delicious paleo options to serve guests! They likely won’t even notice that you’ve offered a paleo friendly menu. For a paleo holiday inspired menu check out bloggers Against All Grain, Stupid Easy Paleo, and NomNomPaleo.

2. Load your plate with paleo options. 

If you head to a holiday party be sure to load your plate with the meat, veggie, and fruit options. Camp out on that end of the table. Fill your plate so there is no room for the fudge and cookies. This will help you avoid the sugary downfall and feel confident and proud going into the rest of the holiday season.

3. Have an alcohol alternative planned. 

It’s no surprise that most holiday parties offer plenty of alcoholic choices, which, just are not paleo. If you need a fun drink for the evening to make your night a little more exciting, try some sparkling water with fresh fruit. Stupid Easy Paleo also offers a great list of paleo mocktails here.

4. Don’t be afraid to eat before you go. 

If you’re heading to a party that you aren’t sure will offer any paleo approved options, don’t be afraid to just eat before you go! This helps you not face plant into a bowl of potato chips at the party if you get too hungry. If you get to the party and there are some great paleo options, there’s nothing wrong with snacking on them, but at least you aren’t starving!

5. Plan ahead for travel. 

The holidays are full of travel for many people. Often, travel includes long hours in the car or on a plane, time spent in airports or gas stations, and less than ideal gym situations. Don’t get bogged down or trapped in impulse eating — plan ahead! Bring along paleo friendly snacks so you’re always prepared.

6. Make time for exercise. 

Every little bit of exercise is good for the soul. Hit the hotel gym, go for a stroll with your relatives, or do a home work out, but do not let your exercise routine slack off. Studies show that those who exercise routinely often eat better as a result!

7. Don’t be a paleo preacher. 

So you’ve discovered all the incredible benefits of the paleo lifestyle — better sleep, more energy, fat loss, etc. — that does not mean everyone wants to hear about it. If someone asks about the great changes they’ve noticed in you, awesome, talk their ear off. If they don’t ask, chances are they don’t want to spend hours hearing all about the paleo lifestyle and what it entails. Let your results speak for themselves.

8. Progress not perfection. 

Listen, it’s almost impossible to eat 100% compliant with the paleo lifestyle throughout the holidays. Does your grandmother make a special Christmas fudge once a year that you love? Enjoy it – without guilt! If it is a special treat, dive in. If it’s something you can get your hands on every day of the year, it just isn’t worth it.