Lewis Black said it well when he stated, “I like coffee because it gives me the illusion that I might be awake.”


Many of us rely on a morning cup of coffee (or two, or three) to get our day started and our minds right. There’s something magical about coffee. Its aroma, the way a warm mug of it brings instant comfort, the ability it has to make any place feel like home.

Some of us believe there’s no better coffee in the world than the cup we brew for ourselves at home. Others of us have our favorite little coffee shop in town that makes our drink *just* the way we like it.

Whether it’s the coffee, the atmosphere, or the simple break from our day, coffee shops have started playing a central role in many people’s lives! At Pure Health Clinic, we did some research of our own to discover the best coffee shops that all of Michigan has to offer. We took into account atmosphere, food, coffee (of course!), speciality drinks, customer service, and more.

As you head off on your end of summer adventures throughout the state of Michigan, keep our list of Michigan’s best coffee shops in mind — you never know when the need for caffeine will strike!

Michigan’s Best Coffee Shops

Roos Roast, 1155 Rosewood Street, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Roos was started by John Roos, who believes in going far above and beyond the traditional cup of coffee. The coffee itself comes from all over the world. The shop is warm and inviting. The coffee bags are adorned with silkscreen art, the beans are roasted in house, and the menu is great. We highly recommend the honey vanilla latte! Using fresh honey and vanilla extract, this drink offers the perfect balance of flavor amazing coffee + vanilla and flavors. Visit their website here for more information.

Espresso Elevado, 606 South Main Street, Plymouth, Michigan

Espresso Elevado is owned by Teresa Pilarz. She and her crew of amazing baristas know what they are doing! Pilarz takes the time to roast the coffee beans in 6 pound batches in house. Their baked goods are also to die for. For a deliciously different latte, try the coconut lemongrass latte. This beverage using coconut milk, whole milk (omit if you’re paleo!), agave syrup, and fresh lemongrass, giving the drink a great, earthy combination that will leave you wanting more. For more information on this great shop, click here.

Black Owl Cafe, 414 Walbridge Street, Kalamazoo, Michigan

Black Owl Cafe roasts their coffee (as Kalamazoo Coffee Company) on site by its owners, Darren Bain and Garrett Krugh. Not only is the coffee insanely delicious, but the coffee bag labels are painted by Bain. The shop itself is decorated in reclaimed wood, black and white photographs, mirrors, and owls. You’ll feel right at home in this shop! Enjoy the chai lattee for a deliciously warm and inviting drink. Get more information on this great coffee shop, here.

Flint Crepe Co., 555 South Saginaw Street, Flint, Michigan

Located in downtown Flint, this amazing crepe company also knows its coffee. With an emphasis on locally sourced products, homemade syrups, insanely good coffee, and community, Flint Crepe Co. is one shop you’ll look forward to visiting over and over again. They get their coffee from Zingerman’s Coffee Co. in Ann Arbor, and their tea from Rishi. Their chai latte has the perfect amount of spice, and their crepe menu is amazing! For more info on Flint Crepe Co., click here.

Checker Records, 28 South Howell Street, Hillsdale, Michigan

John and Robin Spiteri love rock n roll. They also happen to love coffee. As long time owners of the famous record store, the two decided to add coffee to their arsenal almost a decade ago. Their shop has great coffee, specialty drinks, frappes, and more. One of the best parts of this shop is the fun names they have for their drinks, such as the Bob Seger, a frappe with white chocolate and macadamia nut. Love Def Leppard? Try the drink — a frappe with chocolate, hazelnut, and coconut. At this shop you’ll find a great combination of t-shirts, vinyls, rock memorabilia, CDs, coffee, treats, and more. Get more info on Checker Records, here.

Madcap Coffee, 98 Monroe Center Street Northwest, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Based in Grand Rapids, Madcap is well known throughout Michigan for their coffee roasting. There’s always a crowd in this shop, because the coffee and food is that good. Their pour overs are amazing, and so is the atmosphere. Get more info on Madcap Coffee, here.

Jackson Coffee Co., 201 South Mechanic Street, 2550 Airport Road and 1201 East Michigan Avenue, Jackson, Michigan

Jackson Coffee Company roasts its own coffee. In fact, you can even watch the 26 pound roaster in action when visiting the location on Mechanic Street. The shop also has great lattes and specialty drinks. Its atmosphere is great for getting some work done, or meeting up with a dear friend. Their downtown location has live entertainment every Friday night! Try their March Madness latte for a drink you won’t be able to stop thinking about. Get more information on Jackson Coffee Co., here.

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