Michigan’s Top Instagram Worthy Spots

This guide will provide you the scoop on the best way best to choose the best photograph at these most Instagrammable spots in the nation.

 Michigan State University

MSU was the single most Instagrammed place in 2016. With tens of thousands phoning East Lansing house for school each year, and thousands more pouring in during autumn weekends for football matches, MSU shares its beauty with an enormous amount of Instagrammers.

If you want to show off yourself or the people you’re with: snap a photograph on the banks of the Red Cedar! The fight song had it right when it started with a mention of the river running through campus, and your account will look great with you and the Red Cedar front and centre.

If you want to snap the whole scene: run until you reach the very top of the scene. Following a heart-pumping match of MSU football, have a peek over the edge of the scene to get one truly excellent view of campus.

If you want a cool artsy shot: set the gorgeous old trees of north campus up together with a few of the numerous Hogwarts-like buildings, or head on down to the Beal Botanical Garden or Children’s Garden for amazing blooms and fun props throughout the year!

Sleeping Bear Dunes

There is nothing better than an action shot to display your experiences, so get down under your friends and snap up the dune to get a fantastic representation of your scale.

If you want to snap the whole scene: hit up Empire Bluff. It’s among the greatest places on the Lakeshore and provides you with an incredible overlook of the dunes.

If you want a cool artsy shot: take straight down and catch the waves. Then when you are done head around Glen Arbor for some timeless Michigan cherries or a quick snack at Cherry Republic.

Its centuries old stone formations on the shores of Lake Superior are unique only to Michigan and make for a excellent addition to your adventuresome account. Whether you are on the far east side of the lakeshore at Grand Marais and checking out Au Sable Point Lighthouse and Grand Sable Dunes, or the far west side and viewing the true rock formations and hitting up all things Munising offers, you are sure to snag incredible pics to upload for months to come.

If you want to show yourself or the people you’re with: pose before the Miner’s Castle overlook. It is timeless, simple, and beautiful. The miss is easy to get to as well, so that you may get this shot in any season!

If you want to snap the whole scene: take the boat tour from Munising and open up your camera wide to snap the looming figures jutting from the rock for miles.

If you want a cool artsy shot: kayak outside and in the caves and crevices that predict Pictured Rocks home.

Tahquamenon Falls

It is an oldie but a goodie. Tahquamenon Falls is composed of two sets of falls, lower and upper, and the upper falls are the third most voluminous vertical waterfall east of the Mississippi River, just after Niagara Falls and Cohoes Falls.

It is cool in the summer and warm in the winter, and you can snag some Ferris Bueller-like shots from the galleries.

If you want to snap the whole scene: stop by the Angel on Monroe Center, a massive public mural that needs to be Instagrammed. There are scores of other really cool public murals in Grand Rapids such as the Skull Wall on the rear of Stella’s Lounge (right near Van Andel Arena!) , a Tribute to Michigan on the north wall of The Woods in Grandville and Oakes (it is in your way to Founder’s!) , and the G Rap Map, a funky map of this city on the west side of Sheldon in between the backside of the Grand Rapids Children’s Museum and the Grand Rapids Public Library.

If you want a cool artsy shot: just remember it is all in the angles. Grand Rapids is full of amazing art pieces (and shiny buildings) which makes it ideal for a manifestation and a different perspective. Find the perfect shot in the Grand Rapids Downtown Market (and an ideal meal or beverage), or at Rosa Parks Circle, which provides a amazing panoramic look at downtown and the ideal place to grab a local event.

Holland’s History

On the west side of the country there are tons of incredible places to get a photo, especially shore side. Any time of year you can snap an unbelievable image of the beaches and shops in cities like Grand Haven, Muskegon, and Saugatuck. But Holland is only a little different. With its Dutch history in the heart of its identity, Holland offers exceptional views you can not get anyplace else in Michigan — and of course the legendary Tulip Time Festival it hosts every spring.

If you want to show yourself or the people you’re with: there is no place like the beach. Holland is the home of pristine beaches in addition to pretty impressive sand dunes, that are excellent for displaying your family trip or your fun-filled escape.

If you want to snap the whole scene: catch that stunning windmill scene. You have seen it since it works; there is nothing like looking up from the tulips in Windmill Island Gardens and seeing the classic windmill jutting into the sky. If the Dutch-theme is not your thing, go on over to downtown to get a excellent view of Holland’s streets and art galleries.

If you want a cool artsy shot: take the trip to Big Red. Dubbed Michigan’s most photographed lighthouse, Big Red and its surrounding beaches make for the best ‘gram in any season!


There you have, some of the best landmarks in all of Michigan! These spots are ideal for your next Instagram photoshoot, and you’re sure to find a lot of inspiring things around you when you visit. It’s important to not forget, Instagram isn’t only a place for your best photographs—it is a place to display your character, your experiences, and the ones you love. Your aesthetic is the visual qualities that allow your followers to get the scoop and know what you are, what you love and what you wish to share. Would you prefer featuring people, scenery, or creative artsy shots? It’s up to you.