A stiff neck is one of the most common causes of neck pain. It impacts both kids and adults! Neck pains often originate in the spine. The neck is highly susceptible to strains, sprains, stiffness, and muscle aches. Why? Because the neck has incredible range of motion and plays a critical role in supporting your head.

Neck stiffness has many triggers. Sports injuries, poor posture, repetitive movements, and more can often cause this pain. A stiff neck is a strong sign that you’ve been overworking or straining your neck muscles. Some may experience mild pain, while others experience debilitating pain with a stiff neck. Others may only experience pain for a short time, while others suffer from it chronically.

Read on to learn ways to treat, prevent, and identify the source of your stiff neck pain!


Symptoms of Stiff Neck Pain

Symptoms of stiff neck can last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. It’s important to note that just because the symptoms of stiff neck disappear, that doesn’t mean it is cured. In order to treat stiff neck pain at its source, visit your chiropractor. They are skilled experts in identifying the source of neck pain and correcting it!

The most common symptoms associated with stiff neck include, but are not limited to:

  • tightness or soreness in the neck
  • pain when attempting to move the neck
  • limited neck mobility
  • difficulty sleeping due to pain
  • shoulder pain
  • headaches
  • arm pain
  • loss of range of motion

Causes of Stiff Neck Pain

The most common causes of stiff neck and other neck pains are:

  • muscle strains around the neck and shoulders
  • bulging or herniated discs
  • stress or anxiety
  • repetitive movements of the neck and spine
  • muscle tension or inflammation
  • poor sleep habits
  • sedentary lifestyle
  • poor diet choices
  • spending too much time in front of a screen/cell phone

5 Natural Treatments for a Stiff Neck

More often than not, stiff neck pain can be treated without any use of over the counter of prescription drug medications. If you’re suffering from a stiff neck or neck pain, read on for 5 natural treatments that work!

1. Chiropractic Care

Drs. Chris and Krystal Hohn are experts in the field of chiropractic. They can identify the source of your stiff neck pain and correct it. Through targeted adjustments they will provide neck pain relief with safe, natural, and effective care.

Drs. Hohn will also show you helpful exercises to help restore range of motion to the neck, and prevent the stiffness from returning. By focusing their attention on the overall health of your spine, they are able to reduce muscle tension, alleviate stiff neck pain, and help you get back to feeling your best.

For every inch that your head sticks out from its center of gravity, it adds an extra 10 pounds of stress to your neck. Think about that as you text your friends, send your work emails, etc. You can trust Drs. Hohn to help show you the best practices for your posture, and other exercises to keep neck stiffness at bay!

2. Exercise

Exercising regularly helps improve muscle strength, manage stress, lower inflammation, improve sleep, and keeps bodyweight in check. Combined, all of these benefits lead to fewer injuries and incredible health benefits for you!

Inactivity leads to muscle weakness, poor circulation, and increased chances of injury. If you stay active, you help promote healing in your body. Exercise helps circulate oxygen to the soft tissues around your spine, promoting healing.

When participating in any exercise routine, it’s important to be safe! Don’t overwork your muscle groups, and start off slowly. Be sure to stretch and warm up before jumping into your routine, and always consult your doctor before starting a new fitness routine.

3. Sleep

Sleep does more for your body than simply making it well rested. Experts recommend adults get between 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night. This gives your body time to recover from the day, exercise, illness, and more.

Sleeping on your side is the most recommended sleep position for those suffering from a stiff neck. This helps keep the spine is the best alignment. Try placing a pillow between your knees in order to reduce pressure.

4. Anti-Inflammatory Diet

If you’re experiencing high levels of inflammation, your body is on constant alert. It makes your muscles more susceptible to injury, weakens your bones and joints, reduces your body’s range of motion, and blocks the body’s ability to heal itself.

Get your body’s inflammation under control by eating a diet rich in anti-inflammatory foods. Minimize sugar consumption, processed foods, refined grains, and alcohol. Try and up your intake of leafy greens, healthy fats, lean proteins, and probiotic foods.

You are what you eat, and pumping your body full of nutrient-dense foods will help you feel better, sooner!

5. Manage Stress and Pain 

It is far easier said than done to reduce your stress levels, we get that. However, you should know that stress creates tension around your neck, shoulders, and head. This leads to pain in those areas, which ultimately causes more stress, and round and round it goes.

Should you start to experience pain and tension due to your stress, using heat and massage can help release muscle tension. It’s also important to make sure that this muscle tension isn’t due to subluxations in the spine, so be sure to contact Pure Health Clinic! Dr. Chris or Dr. Krystal can evaluate your neck and spine for subluxations, and adjust it as necessary.

Pure Health Clinic Can Help Your Stiff Neck Pain

If you’re experiencing a stiff neck or other neck pain, do not delay in contacting Pure Health Clinic! Neck pain is not something that you should accept as part of your life.

Drs. Chris and Krystal can help identify the source of your neck pain and correct it. Chiropractic offers a safe, natural, and effective way to treat stiff neck pain and injuries. Reach us today at (810) 588-4036 or by email at info@thepurehealthclinic.com.

We look forward to hearing from you!